Five Pillars of Mindful Eating


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     Hi!  My name is Michele Preste.  I am a licensed mental health counselor and I am passionate about teaching you how good nutrition can not only improve your physical health but can also improve  your mental and emotional outlook on life.  Mindfulness is another passion for me.  Mindfulness is a key component to the program I have developed called "The Five Pillars of Mindful Eating."  Mindfulness is about awareness, focus, and acceptance which are qualities that are needed as you make adjustments to your nutritional habits.

     Good nutrition + mindfulness = mindful eating.  But that is not all you will learn as you take this journey with me.  Nutrition and mindfulness are two of the Five Pillars.  The other three Pillars are sleep, hydration, and movement.  The inter-relationship between these Five Pillars is fascinating.  Each one impacts the other four, sometimes in ways you never expected.

     On this website, you will find information about classes, tools, meditations, and videos that will support you along your journey toward a healthier and more mindful You.  I will also be blogging regularly so make sure and visit often.  And, please be patient with me as I am still in the development stage for many of the tools I want to make available to you. 

Thanks for visiting.  Come back often to see what is new.


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