Five Pillars of Mindful Eating


  • Welcome to the New Year and The Five Pillars of Mindful Eating Website.

    Welcome to the New Year!  It is the time when we can start again.  The year is a clean slate waiting for us to make our mark on it.

    That is why I picked January 1st to launch The Five Pillars of Mindful Eating website.  This is the culmination of a 6-year dream of developing an educational and experiential program to teach others about the impact nutrition, proper hydration, sleep, movement, and mindfulness have on their personal well-being.  These five elements make up The Five Pillars of Mindful Eating.

    This website is just the beginning.  I still have a list of goals to achieve to develop this website into a robust tool for anyone interested in improving their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

    I am a licensed mental health counselor and have completed several post-graduate nutrition programs.  I was inspired to educate myself about nutrition when I found there was a correlation between good nutrition and regular exercise with my clients’ abilities to better manage the issues we were working on.  I also found that mindfulness exercises supported the beneficial choices of diet and exercise and also helped them develop a more positive outlook on life.  For many of my clients, I could tell when their good eating habits, regular exercise, or mindfulness practice fell by the wayside because their symptoms increased. 

    Over the last two years, I developed an on-site program to teach The Five Pillars of Mindful Eating.  The face-to-face feedback has been invaluable in making sure the program is addressing the Five Pillars in a meaningful way.  My hope is to develop this program beyond on-site classes but that will take time.

    In the meantime, I will be blogging regularly (hopefully twice a month) about topics related to each of the Five Pillars.  The intent of my blogging is to provide you with ideas that make you curious, information to help support your quest for improving your well-being, and inspiration for living an inspired life.

    Please come back often as I will be developing new tools for you beyond those already on the website.  Also, please share this site with others who you feel may benefit from it.

    Until next time . . .

    Live an inspired life!




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